Did you know your body has trillions of cells that replicate themselves over and again? Some say it’s like you have a completely new “you” every 7-10 years! (Though scientists debate the technical veracity of this.)

But one thing is true, cellular replication is what keeps us alive! And it’s the involvement of your DNA and RNA in this replication process that keeps us healthy and functioning optimally.

During replication your double-stranded DNA molecules make a copy of themselves and then split. This is called cellular mitosis. When the one cell becomes two, DNA makes sure that the new cell is an exact copy of the old one.

RNA also plays a role in this. Your RNA, one of the body’s messengers, travels along the DNA helix as it unwinds in anticipation of replication. During this process, the RNA gathers all of the information it needs for protein construction. These proteins are critical to telling each cell what it should look like and do.

As long as your cells stay healthy, you stay healthy. When the DNA/RNA replication and transcription go well, you feel good.

But, what happens when DNA/RNA replication doesn’t go well?

Unfortunately, that’s when your body struggles with everything from disease to the signs and symptoms of aging.

When cellular replication is interrupted—either by changes in the RNA sequence or in the DNA—cells can mutate or even die. Many of the modern diseases we face today are an unfortunate result of interruptions in healthy DNA/RNA function. From the foods we eat to the toxins in our air that cause free radical damage, our cells are, literally, surrounded by threats everyday.

And then there’s stress. Who doesn’t have that? Stress inside our bodies does horrible things to our genes by triggering changes in our hormone levels that then modify the ways our cells replicate.

The good news is: You don’t have to sit idly by and wait for cellular damage to make you sick (or worse!). In fact, you can fight damage to your DNA/RNA by safely and naturally supporting your body with homeopathic organotherapy.

If you’ve experienced stress-related illnesses like heart disease, depression, or if you see the signs of aging in your hair, skin and nails—these could all be signs that your DNA/RNA is experiencing damage. It’s never too early, or too late, to offer your cells a boost with a doctor-developed supplement that promotes your body’s ability to heal itself. ProBLEN’s DNA/RNA Homeopathic Booster is specially formulated to help you keep your cells healthy and fight the signs of aging and onset of disease that follows poor cellular replication. Using this safe, easy to administer, supplement can help you reclaim your health and look younger too.