No matter what your age, you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant sex life. Sure, your production of sex hormones slows after fifty. But, what if there were a way to naturally inspire them to pick up the pace? What if you could enjoy the same sexual vitality you did ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago without taking prescription medications? Would you do it?

Well you can and you should! No matter what your age, sexual vitality is linked to your overall health. When libido suffers, you suffer both physically and psychologically. Depression, irritability, mood and decreased mental alertness are all linked with low libido.

Low libido can be indicative of low energy, in general. Without energy you don’t just avoid sex, you struggle to do anything constructive in our lives. This creates an unhealthy spiral, where low energy impacts physical and mental health, making you even less energetic, and causing more suffering, continuing the spiral.

Whether you’ve already experienced the low energy, libido drop spiral or have recently noticed a decline in your sexual vitality, it’s not too late! You can reinvigorate your sex life and feel good in the bedroom again, soon, with these three tips.


1.  Eat Right & Exercise

Processed foods, too much sugar, and chemical additives can all make your desire for sex plummet like a lead balloon. If what you’re eating zaps your energy so much so that you feel like you need a nap after every meal, it’s time to overhaul your diet.

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein is a surefire way to help your body feel healthier and more energetic.

Once you have that extra energy, invest some of it each week into exercise. Adding some simple, heart rate elevating exercise to your routine each week is like investing in a high interest yielding account. Though it takes some of your energy to get the exercise done, you’ll find yourself gaining even more energy each week you choose to exercise.


2.  Stress Not

Stress is a serious drain on our systems and our sex lives. Very few of us can have an extremely stressful day and then, suddenly, feel in the mood for sexual intimacy.

This is why, if you want to maintain sexual vitality, you have to learn to manage stress well. Learn what works best for your body, but some ideas include: taking a mid-day nap, taking a walk, soaking in a hot bath with relaxing naturally-scented essential oils, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. Make sure you take at least one day off from stressful work each week. Or, at a minimum, plan an hour of de-stressing time for yourself every evening. You’ll be amazed at how much more “in the mood” you may feel after an hour of relaxation.


3. Try this Homeopathic Libido Booster

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